8 Things I Loved in December

December was such a lovely month. Lots of family time, lots of celebrations, lots of laughter and love.

If I actually shared every single things I loved about December, we would all be here for days, so here is a very, very condensed list.

Potato Soup

The boys and I went to my parents for the day in the middle of the month to have lunch with my mom at work for a fundraiser–this is actually one of my favorite parts of December, but I didn’t take any photos, so I’m skipping over lunch and going straight to dinner.

My dad made potato soup. He said, “I’m not sure about feeding it to the boys. I put a little chili powder in it so it’s spicy.” (It was not spicy. I had no reservations about the boys eating it). Atticus was sitting in dad’s lap and when he realized Dad wasn’t going to share he helped himself. He pulled Dad’s spoon right out of his hand and fed himself some soup. Gryffin loved the soup, too.

Advent Books

Steph’s mom gave the boys 25 books, each wrapped individually, so each day of advent they could open a new one. This was great for so many reasons. 1) It was adorable. 2) It was fun. 3) It prepared the boys for opening their Christmas gifts. 4) You would not even believe how much the boys love books so it was very exciting for them.

Christmas Tree

We did not put ornaments on our tree this year. We evaluated the situation and decided chasing TWO one-year-olds out of the tree all day every day wasn’t worth it. Instead, we just put it up with the lights and a bow on top and bought the boys a felt tree on Amazon. They loved ripping the ornaments off the felt tree and scattering them all over the house.

Pizza Night

Steph and I love pizza. I think Stpeh would eat it every single day and not grow tired of it. Well, A and G are just chips of the block, because they love it, too. Atticus even climbed into the pizza box to be as close to the yummy-ness as possible.

Cricut Fun

I had a lot of fun with my Cricut Maker this year. I made cups for everyone in Steph’s family (I forgot to photograph before I gifted them) and I made the boys these adorable Christmas shirts. Crafting, and my Cricut, relax me. Best way to relieve stress.


Steph had these adorable rings made for my stocking. I wear them on a necklace and love them so much. Gryffin enjoys fiddling with them when we snuggle, too.

3 Years

Steph and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. It’s been an amazing three years and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of happiness and love. I made this video for our anniversary. (BTW, when I shared the video on our anniversary, FB told me I had to make it clear that I do not own the music, nor did I write or perform the music. So, just in case you somehow believed I was so talented, it is actually “The Day Before You” performed by Rascal Flatts).


Oh gosh Christmas was so much fun. We had a whirlwind of 4 celebrations in 4 cities in 4 days. I didn’t get nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but here’s a few. Love these sweet, silly babies.

What did you love about December?

9 Things I Loved in October

I thought writing my October review would be difficult because October was a kind of rough month: our sink exploded, I tripped over the baby gate and fell–bruising up the whole right side of my body and causing Steph to miss a day of work to take care of me, our dryer broke, and I have a flat tire (AGAIN). 

But actually, it was hard to narrow down the list of all the good things to a reasonable number. October was really wonderful, full of family and celebrations and good memories. 

ICYMI Atticus and Gryffin turned one in October! I wrote our birth story as well as a letter to them

9 Things I Loved in October

1) Pumpkin Patch

To ring in fall and celebrate Mommom’s fall break, we took the boys to the orchard for the first time. We had so much fun. We started the corn maze, but it was way too hot to finish it. Fall didn’t come to Kentucky until the end of October. So, instead, we sat outside and had apple cider slushies. It may sound gross, but it tastes delicious. The boys loved them.

The boys also enjoyed riding in the wagon, which prompted Granny to buy them a wagon of their very own for their birthday, which the boys love. And pumpkins were a big hit, too! (We very much recommend this wagon)

2) Birthday Party

The boys are officially one now! Their birthday party was awesome. They were surrounded by so many people who love them so much. We gave them each their very own smash cake and neither they nor any of us were disappointed. Most of the party was spent watching them devour the cakes. Best party entertainment ever.

3) Fall Festival

Our church had a fall festival this year that was so much fun. I love my little church. It may be small, but it is full of love and kindness.

Steph helped paint faces and I ran the coloring contest. My favorite part was coloring with my friends Bev and Alison.

4) Halloween

The boys have no idea what Halloween is or why we all dressed weird, but I don’t even care. Last year they had only been home from the NICU for a week and some change, so we spent Halloween snuggling and eating pizza. This year, we took them to the “Fright Night” at Steph’s school–all dressed as Toy Story characters. I’m Bo Peep, Steph is Jessie, and the boys were Slinky Dog. They were adorable, even if they neither one would wear the ears.

5) “Have a good week. Learn your alphabet!”

The last Sunday of the month, when we left church, one of the older members said bye to the boys by saying, “Have a good week! Learn your alphabet.” I didn’t hear it, but apparently she followed it up with “At least half of it.” I don’t know why, but that has amused me all week long. I love my church and the people there. They are truly wonderful.

6) Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Aldi

Even though I was risking being tarred and feathered, I shared this confession on Facebook and Instagram early in October. I am not a big pumpkin spice fan. I actually like the flavors of winter more than the flavors of fall–citrus, pomegranates, hot chocolate. But I found these at Aldi and they were inexpensive, so I thought I would keep them in the house for guests.

And now I’m on my second box.

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7) Sesame Street Fun

Sesame Street Board Books

The boys had a Sesame Street birthday party so we received a lot of Sesame Street gifts. These books (link above) are among their favorites. Steph, Granny, and I have just about all of them memorized. Since they received these books, Gryffin has learned to say “Read It” and Atticus has learned to say “Again!” 

I have looked for similar board books, and the boys are probably going to get these for Christmas!

Sesame Street Parodies

Speaking of Sesame Street, we also discovered Sesame Street Parodies on YouTube this month. Steph and I turn them on for us sometimes because we find them hilarious.

8) Marbled pumpkins

Instead of carving or painting pumpkins, we decided to try marbling them after seeing a video that made it look too easy to be true.

It really is that easy, though. Seriously–get a bucket/bowl of water, pour in 3-4 colors of fingernail polish, and dip the pumpkin. It’s not as messy or as difficult as carving or painting, but it looks just as cool.

**DO NOT stick your fingers in the water. It took straight up acetone to “un marble” my fingers.

9) Date Night!

We had a rare date night. Some sweet friends from church came over and played with the boys so we could have some time together. It was a super simple date night–we went to Olive Garden and had grown-up drinks and salad and breadsticks and chicken (we both ordered chicken dishes. Leave it to us to go to Olive Garden and not order any pasta). Then we went home and snuggled the babies. It was perfect, and exactly what we needed.

Looking for a fun date night idea? Check out my Date Night Scavenger Hunt here and download the Scavenger Hunt for free here!

What was your favorite part of October? Tell me in the comments!

What was your favorite part of October? Tell me in the comments!

6 Things I Loved in September

I’m trying out a new thing. At the beginning of each month I would like to write a review of things I loved from the previous month. I have seen this kind of series on several blogs I enjoy reading including The Confused Millennial, But First, Coffee, and College Fashion–yes I did graduate from college almost a decade ago. No shame. 

September was an interesting month. When Labor Day came and passed, it finally started to sink in that I am no longer a teacher. Until that point it just felt like a really long summer break. Now it’s real. And I think I am the happiest I have been in a very long time. It was a good month. 

Without further ado–6 Things I Loved in September (in no particular order

1. Annual Church Picnic

Every year on Labor Day Weekend, a couple from our church hosts a picnic potluck for the whole church on their farm. It is so much fun and I look forward to it all year long. I was extra looking forward to it because last year on Labor Day I was 28 weeks pregnant with our twins and there was no way Steph was going to be cool with me sitting outside in the heat for the afternoon, so we stayed home. (She was the sweetest, most protective, most loving person ever while I was pregnant. I mean, she always is, but she really stepped it up while I was incubating our children).

This year’s picnic was no disappointment. The boys ran around in their walkers, rode on the tractor, pet the bunny, and took in all kinds of attention–and that was in addition to the awesome food.

2. These Prints from Hobby Lobby

I fell in love with these gorgeous prints at Hobby Lobby. I was supposed to be shopping for something specific (I don’t even remember what it was) but I found these for 50% off and since we are going to redo my office soon anyway, I bought my favorite ones. (You guys, I kind of exhibited self control because I only bought three)

3. My New Life Quote

Your worth is not measured by your productivity.

I saw this quote on Facebook and, let me tell ya, I immediately felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I read it.

I stress out all day long about all the things I don’t get done in between caring for the boys and rarely pay attention to what I DO get done. My worth is not measured by the number of checks on my to-do list. If that means I spent the entire day playing with my babies and didn’t get a million things done, so be it. That’s why I’m taking this year off from working in a traditional setting, right? To take care of my babies

4. Our Boys Learned to Walk

Both boys decided they can walk this month. I am torn about this. On one hand, it is very exciting and I am brimming with pride. My sweet preemies, born tiny and with warnings about delays, started walking at 11 months. We were prepared for all sorts of delays in their development, and while I do occasionally see a couple, overall they are phenomenal. On the other hand, I was secretly hoping they would be late walkers. They are twins. There are two of them. And they are mobile. Next step is running. I’m exhausted thinking about it.

5. Dump Cakes

Granny introduced me to dump cakes this month when she brought over a blueberry lemon one as a surprise. It was so good. She explained how she made it and it sounded super easy, so I tried it out. 

When I had to prepare food for coffee hour at church last weekend, I tried out dump cakes. I made three–Granny’s Blueberry Lemon, Caramel Apple, and Chocolate Cherry. I will have a post soon with recipes!

Despite it being the most simple thing ever, I still pestered Granny with texts about how to do it correctly while I was making them, so I can guarantee the recipes are awesome.

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6. September Skincare Challenge

I challenged myself to celebrate Skincare September by making a homemade skincare line using essential oils. (Because I am obsessed with essential oils). I did not actually use it as consistently as I hoped, but I am already in love with how my skin is reacting to chemical-free, all-natural skin care. I want to use it a while longer (and more consistently) before I share it, but soon, I will have a blog post with an in depth review of how my skin has improved–complete with recipes I used to create my skincare line.

Also, while we are on the topic of essential oils. Stephanie and I used them this month to make all-natural household cleaners and we are both amazed by how amazing these cleaners are. Be on the look out for that blog post, too. 

What were YOUR favorite parts of September? What are your plans for October? Share in the comments!!!!

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